Privacy Policy

We value the privacy of our users.

General Information

Volumee does not collect or store any personal information about its users. That means the app does not know the identity of any user. Volumee also does not communicate with a dedicated backend server.

In order to provide a better experience for users, the app reports crashes, errors and analytics data via Firebase:

Using the above Firebase features allows the Developer of the app to react in case any issues arise and find the root cause to fix the problem. Analytics events sent to Firebase does not contain any personal information related to users or their identity. These data are collected only for statistical reasons and to verify which Volumee features are being used most frequent. None of these data are shared with any third parties. The data are visible only to the Developer after logging into Firebase Console. Such information allows the Developer to make better decisions about the product.

Accessibility Service

Volumee uses accessibility service to be able to operate when the screen is on. The accessibility service is intended to assist users with disabilities in using Android platform. Volumee can be helpful especially for visually impaired users – they can skip tracks in a music player without looking at the screen.
Volumee uses accessibility service only to detect button clicks. The app does not read any data from the screen and does not process any text typed by a user.

The usage of the accessibility service is optional on devices with Android 11 and older. A user can disable the accessibility access for Volumee in device settings. In such case, the app works only when the screen is off.

For Android 12 and newer, the accessibility service is required, due to changes in the system behavior. Starting from Android 12, Volumee can no longer detect volume button clicks without the accessibility access.

Notification Access

Volumee makes use of an access to notifications from the Android system. This access allows Volumee to detect which music player is currently active and decide if the app should react for a volume button click. Volumee only checks whether the displayed notification belongs to a media player app or not. The app does not process or store any data or text visible in notifications.

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